2 Ocak 2015 Cuma

Invitation for 3rd International Denizli Glass Biennial

We are thrilled to announce that we will host 3rd International Denizli Glass Biennial in 29-31 May 2015 in one of the most unique cities of Turkey: Denizli.
City of textile, city of glass, city of welcoming people, city of antique heritages, city of Laodikea, city of Hierapolis, city of Tripolis and city of white paradise : Pamukkale.
Many thanks to Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for his endless support for this biennial. Without his support that event could be very hard.

Years gone by but our wish, effort and longing for this biennial never decay and we are sure that it will never end.This year again you will feel our enthusiasm and be mesmerized by the great schedule.

Theme of this year is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
You will watch the works in progress, progress and process of works and the process itself.
You will witness of the construction process of Denizli in being a glass city.
We invited many precious and great names again. You will be enriched with the help of conferences and neon , cold work and kiln casting demos.

The demos of:

2 great names of scientific glass blowing in their own artistic vision :
Sally Prasch and Christian Arnold

50 art years old European name of cold work:
Vladimir Klein

Boro knitting and neon artist from Iran
Hayas Hosseini

Turkish boro glass master Ömer Meral

Can be watched 2 times everyday.

2 precious name of Lhotsky studio, students of Libensky
Zdenek Lhotsky  and Vaclav Rezac will inform us about huge cast glass process and their awesome art.

2 academic names from the prestigious universities of Turkey :
Prof. Uzlifat Ozgumus will take us to historic times and enlighten us about the glass findings in Anatolia.
Dr. Lerzan Özer will have us look at glass with the perspective of a ceramic artist.

The glass exhibitions of Czech glass /Zdenek Lhotsky, Vaclav Rezac, Vladimir Klein, Anatolian University glass department student exhibition curated by Mustafa Agatekin  and the process of Denizli Glass Rooster
can be seen until the end of June.

It is a tradition… In every biennial during the biennial, 3 days, demo artists make a collaborative art piece for the city that is designed by Fatih Duruerk. This year , neon and cold work techniques will be used in this surprise design.

Every activity is open to public and free. It is a great opportunity  for everyone  to enjoy have-a-go sessions, exhibitions, evening concerts, demonstrations and much more.

Hope to meet you at 3rd International Denizli Glass Biennial in 29-31 May 2015.

Curator of Denizli Glass Biennial
Ömür Duruerk         

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